Joico LumiShine Demi Liquid Color

Joico SKU: LU2-1SB
Joico Color
Joico 8N/8.0- Natural Blonde 60ml
Joico 8NA/8.01- Natural Ash Blonde 60ml
Joico 6NG/6.03- Natural Golden Dark Blonde 60ml
Joico 6NA/6.01- Natural Ash Dark Blonde 60ml
Joico 6NW/6.077- Natural Warm Dark Blonde 60ml
Joico 6NWB/6.07- Natural Warm Beige Dark Blonde 60ml
Joico 10SB/10.8- Silver Blue Lightest Blonde 60ml
Joico 1BS/1.8- Blue Silver Black 60ml
Joico 3N/3.0- Natural Dark Brown 60ml
Joico 6N/6.0- Natural Dark Blonde 60ml
Joico 6SB/6.8- Silver Blue Dark Blonde 60ml
Joico 10N/10.0- Natural Lightest Blonde 60ml
Joico 5NA/5.01- Natural Ash Light Brown 60ml
Joico 5AA/5.11- Ash Ash Light Brown 60ml
Joico 6CCR/6.446- Copper Red Dark Blonde 60ml
Joico 6AA/6.11- Ash Ash Dark Blonde 60ml
Joico 9NA/9.01- Natural Ash Light Blonde 60ml
Joico 8RR/8.66- Red Blonde 60ml
Joico 8NW/8.077- Natural Warm Blonde 60ml
Joico 8NG/8.03- Natural Golden Blonde 60ml
Joico 8NC/8.04- Natural Copper Blonde 60ml
Joico 9SB/9.8- Silver Blue Light Blonde 60ml
Joico 9NWB/9.07- Natural Warm Beige Light Blonde 60ml
Joico 7V/7.2- Violet Medium Blonde 60ml
Joico 7SB/7.8- Silver Blue Medium Blonde 60ml
Joico 7NWB/7.07- Natural Warm Beige Medium Blonde 60ml
Joico 7NC/7.04- Natural Copper Medium Blonde 60ml
Joico 6NV/6.02- Natural Violet Dark Blonde 60ml
Joico 6NC/6.04- Natural Copper Dark Blonde 60ml
Joico 8AA/8.11- Ash Ash Blonde 60ml
Joico 9NV/9.02- Natural Violet Light Blonde 60ml
Joico 3VV- Violet Violet Dark Brown 60ml
Joico 10V 60ml
Joico 5N/5.0- Natural Light Brown 60ml
Joico 4SB 60ml
Joico 4RR/4.66- Red Red Medium Brown 60ml
Joico 4NWB/4.07- Natural Warm Beige Brown 60ml
Joico 10NW/10.077- Natural Warm Lightest Blonde 60ml
Joico 10NG/10.03- Natural Golden Lightest Blonde 60ml
Joico 10NWB/10.07- Natural Warm Beige Medium Blonde 60ml
Joico 6RR/6.66- Red Red Dark Blonde 60ml
Joico Clear 300ml
Joico 4NC/4.04- Natural Copper Medium Brown 60ml
Joico 3NA/3.04- Natural Ash Dark Brown 60ml
Joico 5NG/5.03- Natural Golden Light Brown 60ml

Joico LumiShine Demi Liquid Color

Joico SKU: LU2-1SB
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Joico LumiShine transforms hair from the inside out with breakthrough ArgiPlex Technology, delivering astonishing shine, color longevity, and overall healthier hair—guaranteed!

Joi starts on the inside. Our ArgiPlex Technology fuses the power of three proven, advanced complex formulas to repair hair damage and lock in exceptional color, vibrancy, and shine.

Arginine Replacement System: Unlike traditional haircolor that depletes this vital amino acid, LumiShine replenishes Arginine 100%, instantly restrengthening hair to bring back luminous healthy shine. Arginine drives color molecules deep into the hair’s cortex for longer-lasting, fade-resistant results. It also reduces the amount of ammonia needed to color hair, improving client comfort during the color service.

Patented Conditioning Complex: This conditioning shield surrounds the hair shaft to nourish and protect color- treated hair for up to 30 shampoos,** sealing in moisture, softness, and brilliant shine.

Quadramine Complex®: Our exclusive blend of low-molecular weight and size proteins (MWS 150-2500) adhere quickly and effectively to ensure maximum protection and reconstruction from cuticle to the cortex, guaranteeing healthy-looking hair after every single color service.

Here’s why you’ll love LumiShine:
It’s Easy! Three simple steps to brilliant color—consultation, formulation, and application.

It’s Predictable... Reliable... and Utterly Straightforward! A full spectrum of perfectly balanced, intermixable pre-blended shades allows you to deliver straight-from-the-tube (or bottle) color perfection—every single time.

It Smells Amazing! LumiShine is formulated with Joico’s exclusive Gentle Fresh Fragrance technology, a patented combination of molecules that helps neutralize airborne ammonia and envelopes your color service in fresh, soothing notes of bergamot, iris, and sandalwood. Client comfort is off the charts.

* Vs. untreated hair.
** Based on laboratory testing of damaged hair.

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