Joico Vero K-PAK Age Defy Clear Controller Additives

Joico Clear Controller Additives 74ml

Joico Vero K-PAK Age Defy Clear Controller Additives

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Don't just cover up aging, defy it with age defy series, a breakthrough permanent haircolor collection from Vero K-PAK Color that reverses the signs of aging.

Hair Ages
Like skin, hair is affected by changes in the body’s chemistry as we age, and particularly after the age of 40. the chronological aging of hair causes it to grow differently and turn gray. A decline in the body’s production of lipids and essential amino acids leads to an undesirable change in texture and vibrancy that often leaves hair dull, brittle, coarse and wiry.

A Comprehensive Solution to Gray, Aging Hair.
Restores hair's soft, silky, manageable texture
Revives hair's lustre and vibrancy
Renews hair's color with exceptional, long-lasting gray coverage
Reconstructs hair's structure for optimal health and condition
Mixing Ratio:

Mix 1-part Vero K-PAK Color Age Defy Series to 1-part Vero K-PAK Color 20 Volume (6%) Veroxide 

Age Defy Series shades are designed for clients with 50% or more gray hair. If used on clients with less than 50% gray hair, color end results may appear on or more levels darker. 

For complete mixing, timing and application instructions, please refer to the Vero K-PAK Color System Resource Guide.  

Joico Technical Support Hotline 
US 800-44-JOICO
Canada 800-445-6426 

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