Joico LumiShine YouthLock Repair+ Permanent Crème Color

Joico SKU: LU4-2NN
Joico Repair+ Permanent Crème Color
Joico 10NN- Natural Lightest Blonde 74ml
Joico 9NNWC/9.0074 74ml
Joico 8NNW/8.0077 74ml
Joico 7NNWC/7.0074 74ml
Joico 6NNWC/6.0074 74ml
Joico 5NNWC/5.0074 74ml
Joico 4NNWC/4.0074 74ml
Joico 4NNW/4.0077 74ml
Joico 6NNW/6.0077 2.5 Fl. Oz.
Joico 9NNA- Natural Ash Light Blonde 74ml
Joico 7NN- Natural Medium Blonde 74ml
Joico 3NNA- Natural Ash Dark Brown 74ml
Joico 7NNG/7.003 74ml
Joico 6NNA- Natural Ash Dark Blonde 74ml
Joico 5NNG/5.003 74ml
Joico 4NN- Natural Medium Brown 74ml
Joico 6NN- Natural Dark Blonde 74ml
Joico 8NNG/8.003 74ml
Joico 9NN- Natural Light Blonde 74ml
Joico 6NNG/6.003 74ml
Joico 4NNG/4.003 74ml
Joico 5NNA- Natural Ash Brown 74ml
Joico 5NN- Natural Brown 74ml
Joico 8NN- Natural Blonde 74ml
Joico 10NNG/10.003 74ml
Joico 9NNG/9.003 74ml
Joico 7NNA- Natural Ash Medium Blonde 74ml
Joico 2NN- Natural Darkest Brown 74ml

Joico LumiShine YouthLock Repair+ Permanent Crème Color

Joico SKU: LU4-2NN
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Unlock hair’s youth potential with NEW LumiShine YouthLock, Joico’s first collagen-infused permanent crème color. Harnessing the fountain of youth-like properties of Collagen – known to keep skin youthfully plump and improve skin elasticity and hydration – this innovative formula helps revitalize strands and lock in the look and feel of younger-looking hair. With just one color service: Hair springs back with renewed bounce,* body,* and signature LumiShine shine.** Resilience returns. Smoothness and softness*** are restored. Resistant gray gets our most gleaming and gorgeous coverage.

Experience 5 Flawless Features to help lock in hair’s youth

Graying hair: Lock in 100% gray coverage
Lifeless hair: Lock in body, movement, and bounce*
Coarse hair: Lock in manageability, noticeable smoothness, and increased softness**
Dull hair: Lock in radiance with up to 2X the shine***
Dry hair: Lock in hydration and help prevent breakage****
* With K-PAK® Color TherapyTM Shampoo and Conditioner
** With K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner on damaged hair
*** vs. untreated damaged hair
**** Combing breakage on damaged hair with K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo

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