72 Hair pHrizzy-o-therapy Treatment

72 Hair SKU: 72-2-PHOT400
72 Hair Treatment 400ml

72 Hair pHrizzy-o-therapy Treatment

72 Hair SKU: 72-2-PHOT400
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pHrizzy-o-therapy is the latest innovation in the care of frizzy, unruly, unmanageable hair that can last-up to 12 weeks per application. Formulated with plant extracts, organic amino acids and keratin, this therapy repairs all hair types, adding strength and elasticity to your hair.

* Restores your hair’s pH balance using key organic and amino acid components, making it soft, frizz free and luxurious.
* Eliminates frizz and strengthens your hair.
* Hair feels weightless and easy to manage.
* Optimises shine
* Suitable for all hair types
* Quick and easy process
* You can wash your hair the same day
* 80% Organic ingredient
STEP ONE:Clarify the hair 2-3 times (depending on how porous the hair is) with the cleansing shampoo.

STEP TWO: DO NOT dry the hair, just remove the excess water.

STEP THREE: Shake the pHrizzy-o-therapy bottle well before use. Apply the pHrizzy-o-therapy just as you would a normal shampoo. Use approx 15ml - 35ml depending on the length and thickness of the hair. Section the hair and comb the shampoo through the hair.

STEP FOUR: Leave on hair for 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water. If a straighter result is required, put under heat for the 30 minute development time. For Afro/textured hair, leave on for 50 minutes.

STEP FIVE: Blow dry the hair and then iron 5-8 times at 180° – 230° depending on the condition of the hair. For Afro/textured hair iron up to 8-10 times.

NOTES: Clients can wash their hair whenever they like.

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