Philip Martin's embodies the Italian peculiarities in a brand that releases natural elements and uses them to bring beauty to anyone.

A production system that is not limited to just selling the product, but has as its objective the thought and the five senses. Each service is in fact designed for the well-being of those who use it and those who benefit from it. Starting from the hands of the hairdresser and the beautician, ending up with the hair and skin of their clients. Stand out in order not to become extinct.


The Truth: Ingredients

The perfect balance between nature and science is part of complex and innovative formulations with natural active ingredients that make the product performing.

Transparency towards professionals and customers is an essential value that transmits respect, safety and well-being.

Natural ingredients blend with green chemistry, which does not make use of harmful and toxic substances. Bio-compatible and non-aggressive solutions which can be applied to customers in full respect of the beauty and with a clear responsibility towards the future generations.

Creating a good product is not enough, Philip Martin’s has devised a system of ranges that satisfy every person’s need for well-being, ranging from toothpaste to the essential make-up.

The versatility of the many products makes them suitable for multiple uses in order to increase their performances, creativity, uniqueness and unforgettable sensory experiences.

A story to be told.


Hair Care Professional

The Hair Care Professional line covers all the shades of styling, from hair care to its most sought-after aspects. With exclusive formulations and a continuous research for bio-compatible ingredients, Philip Martin’s makes every treatment a luxury moment with performing results.

Every need is part of a system: from purifying to nourishing, from volumising to detoxifying, the company offers the possibility to choose the best type of service and treatment according to the client’s hair and lifestyle. The exclusive range of cream, gel and henna dyes is a plus that guarantees professionals the opportunity to express their creative flair, raising the quality of the treatment and personalising it according to the client’s needs.

Philip Martin Salon